Welcome to Abuja Clinics, a world class facility dedicated to providing medical care of international standard.

Pharmacy Unit

Pharmacists play an important role in healthcare delivery. All our responsibilities are centered on patient care. We ensure that patients receive medications that are appropriate for their clinical needs in the right doses and for the right period of time. We ensure that patients receive all necessary advice and information concerning prescribed medications. Pharmacists also partake in monitoring the health of our patients as well as their progress to optimize their response to medication therapy. Pharmacists provide necessary medication information to physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. In Abuja Clinics we understand the importance of pharmacists and we ensure that a pharmacist is around 24 hours of the day to attend to your medication needs………We care!!!

Our Mission

To provide a proficient, dedicated and proddigious healthcare delivery system, which effectively complements governmental effort all levels by well articulated and highly motivated professional team thereby impacting posively on the community.