Welcome to Abuja Clinics, a world class facility dedicated to providing medical care of international standard.

Our Physio unit

Physiotherapy sees movement as central to the health and well being of the individual.Therefore physiotherapists identify and maximize movement potentials through health promotion, preventive healthcare, treatment and rehabilitation. In ABUJA CLINICS, we through evidence based practice carry out comprehensive examination and treatment of musculo-skeletal, neuromuscular and cardiothoracic problems that affect mobility and function. We treat and rehabilitate people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accident or ageing using the following:

Electro-therapy modalities

Short-Wave diathermy, Ultra-sound therapy, cryotherapy, infra-red radiation therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation( T.E.N.S) etc

Aerobics and therapeutic exercise:

Bicycle ergormeter, treadmill, steppers, reciprocal pulley system, dumb-bells etc.

Our Mission

To provide a proficient, dedicated and proddigious healthcare delivery system, which effectively complements governmental effort all levels by well articulated and highly motivated professional team thereby impacting posively on the community.