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Epidural analgesia is the gold-standard in pain relief during labor; it is available on demand for women in labor at our hospital. This helps to make the labor experience pleasant, more bearable and more dignified.


At Abuja Clinics we recognize that labor and delivery are periods of high expectations for you and your family. We also realize that childbirth will be one most important event in your life. You can therefore count on our team of experienced and affectionate physicians and midwives who have been trained to make delivery a safe, happy and comfortable experience for you. We admit only women in active labor into the delivery unit to prevent unnecessary interventions. You will be welcomed on arrival by our team of warm and dedicated staff who are able to understand your deepest and unique concerns and will carry you along in every stage of the journey. We assign a midwife to every woman throughout the period of labor for companionship and support and to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby. The delivery unit enjoys 24-hour coverage by physicians. We also have dedicated Consultant Obstetricians who are available round the clock to provide specialized and exceptional management of high-risk pregnancies and deliveries. In the event of emergencies, our obstetric team is always available for prompt decision-making and intervention.

Since we are committed to ensuring the current and highest standards of care, we provide pain relief in labor for our clients. We respect and support any decision you make in this regard. This is to afford you a pleasant and memorable birthing experience. We provide you with the best, current and evidenced-based information to enable you make the most informed decision about pain relief in labor. We also provide totally pain-free labor in the form of epidural analgesia. We uphold a tradition of unparalleled commitment to safety. From the simplest to the most complicated delivery, our team is always ready to ensure safe motherhood for every parturient as well as safe arrival for every neonate. We are a baby-friendly hospital. We promote early initiation of breastfeeding and mother-infant bonding for our women including those undergoing caesarean section.

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